Emergency Action

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Are You Ready?

Did you know what to do during the last Campbell Industrial Park evacuation?

Are your emergency response plans still effective?

How will you reach and account for your employees during a disaster?

Is your list of emergency contacts updates?

Do you have plans to ensure the safety of family members while mission-critical employees remain on the job to continue your operations?

Emergencies Can Strike at Any Time

Whether it's an incident involving hazardous materials or security threats, or a fire, tsunami, flood, earthquake, or even pandemics, disaster can strike at any time, paralyzing your business and creating financial havoc. There can be a lot at stake. you and your employees need to be ready by having an emergency response plan — written, tested, and ready to implement in a moment's notice.

An emergency response plan is a valuable tool that every business needs, and the Campbell Local Emergency Action Network (C.L.E.A.N.) can help you take action now to mitigate the effects of incidents.

Here are the checklists for:

Please see Section 5 of the Emergency Resources Guide Volume 1 for updates and other related info.